Virginia Beach, VA In-Store Experience
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I just left your store at 2861 Lynnhaven Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. I was interested in cell, internet and television. A young lady with short, spiky blonde hair sat me down and explained that we may get interrupted as her and her father were "having a war". The phone rang, and not only did she take the call in my mid sentence, but proceeded to put him on speaker phone. They were discussing non urgent personal business and he was using a slew of expletives. Not wanting to listen to this and anxious to be taken care informed her that I was leaving, to which she flippantly replied "fine". I was insulted and shocked to say the least and will not be doing business there. I request a call from a District Manager (at least) to express my concerns and to offer more details.

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Murray11, I'm sorry you had that unpleasant experince, and of course happy to get some feedback from you. We’ve sent a Private Note so that we can assist further.