Visa Gift Cards No-Show and Device Charges for Free Phones (Verizon Promo Scam)
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In December, 2019, we switched from AT&T to Verizon because Verizon was running a promotion for $250 prepaid Visa Gift Cards for each line you port over. We also took advantage of a promotion they were running on new iPhone 7's which they were supposed to be free with new line activation. We activated 2 new lines and ported 2 new lines over. 

It is now April, 2020. Today, I have spent over 4 hours on the phone and online with Verizon because:

1. We never received the two Visa Gift cards for $250 each

2. We are being charged $350 for the iPhone 7's which were supposed to be free


I am being transferred, bounced around, told the promotion didn't exist, we don't qualify, we did qualify but didn't submit it on time, can't find our account, there's nothing in your notes about this.

Just what exactly is going on here? This is the same exact garbage AT&T was pulling that made u switch in the first place. I would like a refund for the monthly device charges for the two iPhone 7's and confirmation/tracking information for my Visa Gift Cards.

Contact me immediately, Verizon. 

Re: Visa Gift Cards No-Show and Device Charges for Free Phones (Verizon Promo Scam)
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MByrd11, we appprciate your business with us and we're truly sorry to learn that you're experiencing these concerns with promotions. I have sent you a Private Message. Please respond at your earliest convenience.