Voicemail Malfunction on a grand scale
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My voicemail is essentially useless. 

I have an iphone 11 pro on IOS 16.2. I don't think this has anything to do with the phone and I'll tell you why. 

I see when I miss a call. 

I never have a voicemail notification despite people telling me that they left me a voicemail. I even left myself a voicemail and it doesn't exist. 

When I call my voicemail and enter my password, I can listen to 1 saved voicemail that I have, but there's never anything new. Again, despite the fact that I just left myself a voicemail. 

I have a custom greeting. It plays back from my phone app, but when I call myself (from another phone) and get my voicemail, it's the default generic greeting. 


One of the troubleshooting options I've seen is to check call forwarding. When I go into my settings, call forwarding isn't even an option. 

Re: Voicemail Malfunction on a grand scale
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Good morning. I'm sorry you are having issues with the voice mail. How long has this been going on?


You are right, I don't think it has anything to do with the phone. You mentioned Call Forward. Did you disable it by dialing *73 [send]? If you try that, you will hear a confirmation beep, and then the call will end. Once that happens, please test it again.