Voicemail stopped working
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Hello, I’ve been with Verizon for years and this is the first time dealing with this type of issue. My voicemail has simply stopped working. If someone calls, my phone will now ring a very long time and either give a busy tone or a recording will say my line is busy or unavailable instead of my voicemail message. When checking my voicemail from my iPhone I get a call failed or call busy error message. So I can’t access my voicemail and callers can’t leave messages. The only thing new that’s happened with my account recently is I upgraded & activated a new iPhone 12 last month. I don’t know exactly when my voicemail stopped working and it could have nothing to do with the new iPhone.


Verizon’s customer service is much worse than I remember due to COVID. I prefer talking to a live person but I was routed to chat and I spent 70 minutes with someone on chat trying to fix the issue to no avail. I was told it would be escalated and taken care of later that day but it’s the following day and still an issue. I’ve done *76 and *86 and Verizon reset/refreshed my network settings on their end. Has anyone experienced this issue before?

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Re: Voicemail stopped working
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Having access to your voicemail is a must to make sure you don't miss any important calls! Please respond to the Private Note we are sending so we can take a closer look and help!



Re: Voicemail stopped working
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