VzW phone echoes on FiOS home Wifi

I'm using a Samsung s21 ultra on Verizon... Initially a 4G plan and now upgraded to one of the new unlimited 5G plans.  When I am on Verizon services or on any other Wi-Fi besides my home Wi-Fi which is FiOS, WiFi calls work well enough.  The second I connect to my home Wi-Fi network and the call changes from cellular to Wi-Fi calling, even in the middle of a phone call, whoever I'm speaking with complains of a severe echo.  Again, this could be on Bluetooth in my car or on a headset, using speakerphone, or even just holding it to my head.  Vehicle was gone... This can be repeated multiple times back and forth in the same phone call... Hanging up and calling again while I'm on Wi-Fi already doesn't help it at all.

Thanks everyone! 

Re: VzW phone echoes on FiOS home Wifi
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us today, it's important that we are getting this reviewed with you. Please send us a Private Note.