Vzwpix and gmail
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Lately when I send a text to (my number)@vzwpix.com from gmail, I get a message saying that the delivery status is delayed  and I get the following error code

The response from the remote server is:

451 4.2.0 server temporarily unavailable AUP#CDRBL

When I send a text, still or video to the same address from my phone via the messaging app, all goes through fine. When I send to that address from Breezeline, nothing seems to happen. No error message, no delivery.

I believe AUP#CDRBL indicates  gmail is on a blacklist that Verizon is honoring.

My question, is this an issue with some setting on my iPhone or a problem at Verizon? Will it be resolved?  I have had this problem for 3 days.  I did a network reset on my phone.


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Re: Vzwpix and gmail
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Thank you for contacting us! I would be sendng you a private note.