I have been a customer with Verizon for a little under 2 months and I am sad to report that I have yet to have a positive experience with this organization. I have explained in detail below the grievances that I have as well having attached photo documentation. I would like a response to all of them. 
First, the day I enrolled in service with Verizon is the day all my recent troubles began. Upon enrolling in the service you all sent me FAULTY SIM card that didn’t work. The reasoning I was provided because every SIM card that goes may not work properly. I find this wholly inappropriate for a cell phone provider to not have processes in place to ensure that only working items are sent out to paying customers. Furthermore, when I went into the local corporate Verizon location I was verbally accosted and borderline physically assaulted by one of your staff. I was not provided any follow up regarding reprimands for the employee. Only that the issue would be addressed.
Second, the fact that Verizon goes to great lengths to distance itself from its customers is mind boggling. When a customer calls in they should not be automatically forced to use a automated system/assistant(that doesn’t work by the way and further frustrates the overall process) and then when this option isn’t utilized the call disconnects. The fact that you all have it setup to say “we’re sorry you’re having trouble, goodbye” is a slap in the face to all of your customers. How dare you all not make it so that we can talk to an actual person who can resolve our issues. Does Verizon not employ human beings in its call centers anymore? I understand that we are now living in a time where technology is suppose to simplify things, however not everyone wants to be in inundated with technology. 
There appears to be a clear difference between the service for those who have contracts and those on the prepaid plans. Ever since I started using Verizon Prepaid people tell me they can’t hear me or the line will just fade out. This does not happen to my associates who have Verizon contract service.  Furthermore, I enrolled in a hotspot just LAST NIGHT and it’s hasn’t worked properly yet. It will connect for about 60 seconds then disconnects and isn’t available for connection again. I called into the helpline and after fighting with the automated system for a ridiculously long time, I was finally able to get a HUMAN on the line. She claimed that she would do some troubleshooting/reconfigurations that would force my phone to restart. It never once restarted and I was operating on 3G for more than 30 minutes. 
In conclusion I hope that those with decision making abilities within Verizon are made privy to its ongoing issues. At this point, I am not sure if continuing a customer-provider relationship with Verizon is in my best interest. I would like to receive follow up (CALL) in regards to these issues. You all have my number
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No one has your phone number on this public forum. Before you post it as a reply, don't. The terms of service for the community specifically state to not post personal information on the forum. Everyone who has registered for the community agreed to those terms.


Did you bring your own phone to Verizon Wireless when you started your service or did you purchase a new phone from Verizon Wireless? A new phone purchased from Verizon Wireless should have come with a new SIM card. Granted that SIM card could have been bad, but in my experience that is a rare occurrence.


I can't speak to your experience at a store, but I find it help to be as calm and polite as possible even if you are frustrated with not getting your issue resolved.


The call centers are generally understaffed and underpaid while handling a high volume of calls. The prepaid customer service call center can be worse than the postpaid customer service call center. As I understand it, prepaid has the phone menus because the menus are supposed to handle the majority of the reasons one would call about their prepaid service.


If you added the mobile hotspot feature to your prepaid plan, did you verify you added funds to cover the additional costs of the hotspot feature if it wasn't included in the initial price of the plan? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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The tone of this post makes it hard to believe..nano sized sim cards have been standard for years. It's borderline impossible to get any other type of sim card.