Waste of time
  • I had another bad experience getting a new phone. Last time, it was about a year and a half ago that took multiple calls spending 6 hours.  Almost 2 weeks ago, I called to changed my plan. After that was done I asked about a new phone for my wife. I was told it couldn't be done because of the pending order for my new plan and to call after October 22nd. Today, I called back to order a new phone.  The reference number for the new phone was not held in the system. I ordered a different phone. The only problem the system would not look let me check the boxes of the terms and agreements. Internet support was conferenced on to correct the issue. However, I sat look listening to music for 30 minutes. I hung up and figured out how to do it without support. I called back to find out the shipping details. The phone was being delivered when I wasn't home and the shipping couldn't be altered.  Why should I stay with Verizon??? Bad service and system!!