Wasted money

So has anybody had issues with being told one thing and then being told a completely different answer later? I’m extremely annoyed with Verizon at this point to were I plan on finding a different cell carrier. I was told a specific laptop would work under their “bring a device” and the monthly charge would be $15. So after I purchased the $1000 laptop that I was told would work. Try to get the line added, only to be told nope, it won’t work. So now Verizon wants me to spend more money on a jetpack and have me pay $80 a month for the plan. They want even attempt to discount anything. I wasted $1000 on a gaming laptop that I can’t get back and Verizon said they could give me a $10 inconvenience fee. I’m beyond over this company. This is the 3rd time I was quoted on price then had to pay more