We didn't receive your trade-in device(s).

I recently traded in my Samsung Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G in Cloud Navy for $800 credit that I used to get my current Galaxy S22. I started the trade-in on 07-15-2022, and dropped off my Samsung S20 in the package Verizon sent at the UPS store in the afternoon of 07-21-2022. UPS Tracking number 1Z096V4Y0696835495 . UPS marked it as delivered on July 26, 2022. On August 29, 2022 Verizon notified me my phone wasn't recieved and that my trade in credit was going to be cancelled.  I talked to customer support and they reapplied the promotional credit for my September bill. I just recieved my October bill and the promotional credit no longer applies. The trade in still shows in process even though the package was delivered. Would like some assistance finding out what happened to my traded in phone. 


Re: We didn't receive your trade-in device(s).
Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out to us via this channel about your trade in issues Dylanjmccoy . I know its upsetting to have issues receiving a trade in credit to only have it removed. We can help with this issue. Start by sending us a private message so that we can verify your account details/ We can also be reached on Twitter, Facebook, via our chat team and by phone at 1-800-922-0204.