Weak signal, dropped calls, android phone
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Anyone else having problems with weak signals in areas where the signal used to be great.  I have been with Verizon since 1992, never have had a problem.  The last three or four weeks, an entirely different story.  Signals are so weak, can't even dial out, can't even call voice mail.  I have to use my wifi to make calls.  What good is a mobile phone if it's not mobile, heck, it's not just not mobile, it doesn't even work at home without WIFI.


Re: Weak signal, dropped calls, android phone
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DMax1247, we are grateful for your twenty-year loyalty. You deserve terrific wireless service at all times. I understand how inconvenient it is for you not to be able to use your service in areas where you were able to before, and we want to fix this. Do you experience issues with your data and text messages? Are the signal issues in the new areas happening indoors or outdoors?