Weak signal in entire neighborhood

Hi, we moved to a new neighborhood 12 months ago and we have had terrible signal/service here the entire 12 months span of time.  This is especially frustrating since we switched to Verizon because Verizon had better service in our old neighborhood just a few miles away.

This happens both inside our house and outside of our house (zip code 27705, intersection near Cumberland St and Sycamore Shoals Rd).  This happens both at our property and also throughout the entire neighborhood (issues when we walk our dogs or in the car arriving/leaving the neighborhood).  We have asked around the neighborhood and the other residents in the neighborhood also report they have the same problem with Verizon here... and some have since switched and had better signal/service here with other carriers.  

We are using Iphone 11 phones with 4G LTE.  We constantly have calls where it cuts out frequently or drops alltogether, imessages sometimes won't go through, loading web pages/data is painfully slow.  If we connect to wifi everything works but thats only good for inside our house and doesn't fix the issue.  If we are driving home and on a phone call everything is fine until we pull into our neighborhood and then the calls start to cut in and out or eventually drop... as if we have a big dead spot in our whole neighborhood.   

Can you please help before we have to switch carriers to be able to use our phones at home?  Thanks for your assistance.

Re: Weak signal in entire neighborhood
Customer Service Rep

We would be happy to troubleshoot your devices, and open a Network Ticket to have this matter reviewed in depth. To allow us to do so properly, please leave us a Private Note here, or reach out to us directly @VZWSupport on Twitter or Facebook. You can also reach us by calling 1-800-922-0204, or by visiting the Contact Us page at www.vzw.com to use our chat system. We look forward to working with you directly.