Websites and apps not working
My husband and I just brought over our phones and number from Straight Talk. We both have a Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G 2022. They are unlocked and we got them through Google Fi. Verizon said they were compatible so we done everything Thursday night. When the Straight Talk service stop working we popped the Verizon sim cards in. It wouldn't work so I called Friday morning and talked with them. The phones were activated and seemingly working when I got off the phone. Around lunch I noticed the data was really slow on both phones to the point that some websites and apps weren't loading. I called Verizon and I thought the problem got fixed after doing everything but come to find out it wasn't. I figured out today that some websites or working and others are not. The same for apps.  I can get on Google and place a search and get results. As soon as I click on certain websites it goes to error your connection timed out. I can't get on Verizon website or the app. I can get on and browse around (crazy right lol). I can go on and do my normal browsing and shopping (on both site and app) but Best Buy and Walmart is a no go on either site or app. Etsy, UPS, and Chime website or app isn't working either. Tik Tok app also doesn't work. YouTube, Netflix, Disney plus, Varo, and Facebook app and site all work. I've done everything I can think of including factory resetting my phone but nothing has worked. This is happening on both phones. We had zero problems with Straight Talk (through Verizon towers). I can put on wifi through our Verizon jetpack that we use for home internet and can load everything that way as well. I also done a speed test and it constantly stays around 35-50 download and 3-5 upload so I don't think it's that.