What Verizon!!!
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So...I got my kid a brand new phone directly from Google because Verizon didn't have it in-stock.

I tried to add the Kids plan to my account and add the phone but the website would not let me finished the activation with an error " Something is wrong please call xxx.xxx.xxxx. 

I called the number and asked to add a kids plan and phone, and that I will "pick-up" the sim card at the store 2 blocks away from me. The Verizon representative said she added the plan and new phone MEID, and I can pick-up the sim-card at this specific store but not the one I wanted, so I said okay, she says I am all set goodbye.

I go to the Verizon store at 26 West 23rd Street, NY NY. Two employees working in the entire busy store, right away the one female who I approached for help was super nasty and we got into an argument before she even knew why I was there. I asked her for a new Sim Card, and she immediately said no. 

I end up leaving the store to cool off and tried a different which was the original store I wanted to pick-up the sim card from the beginning. I get to the other store and a gentleman immediately assisted me, he explained to me that it was going to be $10 for the sim card and I said sure not a problem. 

Long story short, he looked up my account and the system wasn't letting him do what he needed to do, and he called customer service for "channel support" and waited 1+hour. While waiting there I received an email saying that a new phone was being shipped to my house with the most expensive adult plan and a new phone number. Also while waiting there my cellphone got DISCONNECTED why!!!!!

IDK what scam/fraud/theft Verizon is running but we need to lawyer up and sue them, time is money and god knows how long it is going to take me to clear this entire mess Verizon has created. Right now I am looking at my account and sure enough there is a new line there with a phone in the mail that I absolutely have no idea why they are doing this.

The gentleman at the Verizon store got my phone activated again and he has no clue why it happened. He also added my kids line with new phone as I requested in my original phone call to Verizon.

ALL of these because their website wasn't working Thursday July 29th, 2021. and I had to called them.



Re: What Verizon!!!
Customer Service Rep

That is definitely not the experience that we want you to have with us. We recommend refusing the package, and returning it to sender when the new device is mailed. This will cancel out this order. If you have any additional troubles with this matter, please let us know. We are always happy to assist in any way that we can.