What happened to Verizon service coverage ?
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Verizon coverage continues to decline. I continue to see more and more dead zones and no data coverage every month. I call to tech support, get excuses and told there will b a trouble ticket that some tech support division will look into and get back to me,,,, but never hear anything again. They tell me I need to upgrade my SIM card but that doesn't do anything. I always had better coverage than my kids that were on T-Mobile for a third the price, but now they have just as good if not better service than I do most of the time. I was told Verizon is taking down their older towers and eventually will replace them with the 5G towers... This might explain the lack of coverage now.


I'm on hold constantly every time I call now in their customer support hours are very limited..... Covid or not, they can do much better, but I think they just given up.

I feel I get the coverage and the customer support of a budget cell phone provider. Verizon has lost its way. Time to move on.

There are several other post noting the declining coverage areas. Is anyone else experiencing dead spots when there used to be full coverage?