What happened to customer "Service"???
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Just returned from an attempt to upgrade my 73-year-old father's iphone.  His iphone 8 speaker broke and his unit was eligible for upgrade.  I have four phones on my account.  In the past, I would go to the Verizon store, pick what I want, and the technician would do all the data transfer from the old phone to the new.  I did this ONCE via phone and it was a nightmare.

So we get to the store, and 1) they don't carry iphone 8.  Either an SE (which is a 5) or X or above.  My Dad likes the home button, so we decide on an SE.  Now, I'm ready to: Buy a phone, case, and screen protector.... and I'm told I will be given a phone number to call to do the data transfer!!!  "We are touchless now... we can't do the transfers here", our rep. says.

My question is: What DO you do?  The only thing I really came in to the store to get was for a technician to do the data transfer to the new phone because for a regular consumer, it's a frustrating process to do over the phone.

Needless to say -- for less money, we went to a phone-fix place, got a new speaker put in the iphone 8 and are completely done.   That store just lost our business.  COVID "touchless" rules should not equate to "we've eliminated most of the services we used to provide".  Figure it out, folks!

Re: What happened to customer "Service"???
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Stores aren't customer service, they're sales.

Phones are easier than ever to transfer content over that no one should be depending on a store rep or waiting on hold for a CS rep to do it for them. Especially iPhones with that quick start option to copy content directly from one iPhone to another. 

Even before Covid, stores didn't really do much besides sell. The one's that are more eager to do it tend to be indirect stores and those tend to charge bogus set up fees.

Re: What happened to customer "Service"???
Customer Service Rep

Hello, we are sad to read about your most recent store experience. The last thing we want is for you to have a negative impression of us. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Your input is taken seriously and your voice will be heard as we always seek to improve. We understand that the over-the-phone process is not ideal for you. Nevertheless, we do offer self-serve options that can suit your needs. Check out our Transfer Wizard guide through this link: https://www.verizon.com/support/transfer-contacts-and-media/#/.

Re: What happened to customer "Service"???
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It was determined that Customer Service no longer interests the lazy Verizon execs and board members. They view it as an annoying item that hurts their profit plans (not as a key to success as in the days long gone before blockhead juvenile MBAs took over everything).

V for Vision has become Q for Quick profits. Therefore the objective has been for about the last 5 years to eliminate it! The pandemic became the latest excuse to ELIMINATE customer service. It’s a scheme well in progress at the highest levels courtesy of ignorant, shortsighted people only interested in stock prices.

Bad policies hurt Verizon’s formerly good reputation. Somebody/several people should be fired, and caring, smarter people should replace them. But Verizon may need to be reduced to a much smaller company first. 

Re: What happened to customer "Service"???
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They tend to ignore any complaint some will just laugh as they hang up they know nothing will happen to them