What has happened to Verizon
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I have been a Verizon wireless customer for 30 plus years now, I have seen them go from a stand-up company to one of the worse company's I have ever had to deal with. The service has decreased tremendously, it was much better back in the 90s when there was very limited coverage, the customer service reps are a joke and some of the Tech support reps are just as bad.  They end up hanging up on me all the time! The last few times I have called to complain about no service in areas that I used to have 4 bars; all the rep kept saying was " But Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the US."  I was speechless, I asked for a supervisor immediately and she got mad and refused to transfer me. It's insane.  To get to my point I'm done giving VERIZON enough chances to make it right. I am contacting the FCC today to file my complaint. I work for an aerial construction company, we put up everything from coax to fiber and even splice the fiber. We also build the towers for some wireless carriers.  I know that the company I work for, and all of the service providers must follow the rules and regulations that the FCC regulates, I also. know that I am not getting the coverage / services that I am paying for, and I have had about enough. I pay close to 300.00 each month for 4 lines that are useless.  Verizon doesn't seem to care if they lose a customer but I'm hoping that enough of us will file complaints with the FCC and Verizon will at least have to answer to them