What's the best way to give feedback about a local store?
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The local store where I live is terrible.  I know that it's run only by contracted employees who get paid commission because they tell me every time I go in to get help - they make it clear that they don't get paid unless they sell me something, and don't particularly wish to help.  It's an hour wait every time I go, which - trust me - isn't very often. 

They've only gotten worse recently.  My father is almost 80 and unable to use smartphones (he's one of those 'calloused fingers' types that the phones don't work with).  I called the store, verified they had a flip phone, then sent him down there to get it.  They told him they had no flip phones and tried to talk him into a $600 smartphone.  He left, came back to me and said he was going to Walmart to get one.  I begged him not to, I wanted him to stay with Verizon on my phone.  I called again, verified they had a flip phone and explained the situation.  When he got down there, not only did they tell him I wanted him to get the smartphone, but they opened a separate account for him.  

A week later my father tells me he just can't use the phone, which is when I told him to take it back.  He went back and they told him it had been a week and there was nothing they could do, he couldn't return it.  Embarrassed, my dad said nothing to me.  A couple of weeks later I notice that he's still got the phone but not using it.  When he explained what had happened, I immediately took off work to go down there and let them have it.  We managed to get the phone on my account but by now it actually WAS too late to return it.  After a few more weeks of struggling to get it to work, we ended up eating the cost and buying him another flip phone.

A year or so has passed and I've simmered down. I haven't had to go back into that god-forsaken store, but I just replaced my phone and I'm having trouble activating it.  Swallowing my loathing, I went back to the store.  Two men were working with two customers.  We have a $500 fine mask ordinance in my town and they have a sign on the door, but a customer without a mask is not asked to leave.  One of the employees is wearing their mask in 'chinstrap' mode, the other keeps taking it off to hang on an ear.

After twenty minutes of waiting, a couple comes in and sits down.   Another twenty minutes passes, and finally a representative is free.  He stands up, looks at me with the brand new phone in my hand, then looks at the couple that came in after me.  After a moment, he invites the couple to sit.  I spoke up, "Really?  I was here twenty minutes before them."  He looked at me and then went back to greeting the couple as if I was not there.

When I go to the next town over, 80 minutes away, the store is fantastic.  It's full of friendly, helpful people that always get me in and out quick.  When I call Verizon customer service, it's always friendly and helpful.  This store in my town is a horrible place, and I've seen so many people walk out in disgust it's ridiculous.  I shouldn't know the pay grade of the constantly-whinging employees nor have to deal with them swindling my aged father and telling him he can't return a week-old purchase.  

Sadly, the only way that you allow feedback is through the phone - and I cannot communicate my thoughts well when expressing anger.  I'm not upset at Verizon and I don't want consolations or apologies;  I want something done about the horrible store in my town.  We're a small town but we've only got a few choices for cellular service here, and many are your customers.  There's just one Verizon store - why can't it have actual employees instead of commissioned contractors who only care if they can sell you something?

Re: What's the best way to give feedback about a local store?
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That is not the experience we want anyone to have in a Verizon Wireless store, and it is not how we train our employees. We would be happy to look into this with you in depth. To allow us to do so, however, you will need to contact us in a Private Settings. This can be done by leaving a Private Note, or by calling us at 1-800-922-0204. You can also reach us online @VZWSupport on Twitter or Facebook. - Robert