When will my account ever get resolved???

We bought phones on May 8th to pickup in store May 9th. I drove 45 mins to find out the store was closed. So no phones, and we couldn’t have them held until we got back from vacation because there’s no direct number. Get to TN, and try to reorder phones and customer rep swears we have a $600 deposit, leave store after waiting 4 hrs, call customer service she was lying. We have zero deposit, get phones shipped to house. Finally that’s resolved.  We were doing the trade in $800 per phone, the boxes never arrived. Between May 14th and today we’ve logged approximately 50 plus hours trying to get a manager to get us labels to ship our phones for credit. Today my husband gets a lady who tells the offer is no longer valid, and she’d be giving us $175 for each of our phones. No way, we switched to Verizon for this promotion we’ve been calling 2-3 times a week with no one able to help us get a simple shipping label. Btw sat on the phone 2 hours and 6 mins with the head manager promising to return the call the next day, he never called. Not to mention our bill is OUTRAGEOUS because we don’t have the credits of the other phones, and they keep promising to discount our bill for all the trouble. Today they demanded my husband pay $286 for 2 lines, or they would be turning our phones off. We tried explaining and again no help. I’m so sorry we switched to Verizon. It’s been the biggest headache of our lives.

How do we resolve this? When no one will help or listen and we tried chat too, no one seems to know how to fix this!!!!!

Re: When will my account ever get resolved???
Customer Service Rep

GSA02, we are here for you and will be more than happy to help in any way we can. Please send us a Private Note for further assistance.