When will new tower in Ontario, NY be active?!
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Verizon erected, in 2021, a cell tower on Slocum Rd., Ontario, NY, just south of Lake Rd. Coordinates are: N 43.269865, W 77.325498.


It was supposed to come on line October 2021. As of 2/1/22, the tower was still not active.

Does anyone know when this tower will finally come on line?

There is a large community of neighborhood customers here with very poor coverage!

Note to Verizon: If you can't provide a direct answer to this simple question, don't bother responding. This customer is tired of endless inquiries with no meaningful information returned.

"New" (2021) tower and signal report (poor) showing inactivity"New" (2021) tower and signal report (poor) showing inactivity