When will the lies stop ???
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You say you'll call, just need a time. I give you one and no call until after that time, I already went back to work. You say you'll help and out on hold 3-1/2 hrs only to get transferred and disconnected. You hound me for my money but can't answer any questions, you want me to upgrade but won't let me ask about features. You want me to get a new plan but won't tell me why, just that it's only a few dollars more each month. You guys are a bunch of lying, cheating, money hungry crooks and thieves. Prove me wrong? 

Re: When will the lies stop ???
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Then switch? No one is holding you captive to Verizon. 

I started with them, moved to other carriers and returned 3 years ago. Only had to call in once and am capable of researching phones myself.

Re: When will the lies stop ???
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Stores are closed so the burden is on phone representatives to pick up the slack. They can only call out if the phones stop ringing, and they don't.

Expecting them to go through Phone features when you can look up the phones online is unreasonable.   Verizon phone sales pages even have comparison ability so you can select 2 to 4 phones and see specs in a chart.  

I suspect that asking customer service about different phones is a little like asking your regular restaurant what the specials are, and then you order the same food that you always do. IPhone people stick with iPhones, Samsung people by the next upgraded Samsung, etc. 

It's not even reasonable to assume that customer service knows the features of every phone that you want to ask about. That's what sales people do in the store.

These are unusual times.   Figure out how to adjust and work with it.