Where does Verizon take requests for network upgrades?
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The area I live in has a persistent issue with severe network congestion.  As a prepaid customer, I know I'm being deprioritized and can't access the 5G UW service, and can't expect to be continuously on the low-band 5G for data either.  But my data speeds are laughably slow: nothing better than 2-3Mbps down during the day, and as slow as 0.14Mbps down sometimes.  It's like there's a dial-up modem on the tower.

Between midnight-4am is the only time I get usable data speeds.  Then, LTE comes back at 10-12Mbps down and 3-4 up.  One time my 5G light came on at 2:30am on a Wednesday and - oh joy! - was at 66Mbps down and 6 up.  Too bad it only lasted for 5 minutes.  Anyway...I know that network upgrades are proprietary information and can't be revealed; CS probably doesn't even have access to such stuff.  But is there any way we customers can reach out and put in a request to the part of the company who is in charge of such things?  I know I'm not the only one who has this problem, considering all the threads about spotty service, etc. in the forum.

Fingers crossed for Verizon to implement a standalone 5G network and/or 6G to come out in the meantime...

I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.
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