Where is my promised $1400 credit after more than a month?

In April 2022, I transferred over to verizon and was promised to receive a total of $1400 credit: 1) $800 for trade in, and 2) $600 for porting three lines ($200 for each), plus other promotions. 
I was told that I wouldn't have to pay first two months of phone bills because I will have this credit but then I was required to pay the first bill and still haven't receive any credit from Verizon and they expect me to pay the second bill now. 

I have tried to resolve this issue by contacting customer service which has been horrible. Three of them hung up on me in the middle of the conversation (might be because of bad connection because ever since I changed to verizon my calls have not been going through well which is another complaint from me), one person didn't connect me to the supervisor, one person tried to connect me to her supervisor but wasn't able to get on call with the supervisor after waiting one hour on the phone, and another person promised that her supervisor will call me but haven't received any calls from anyone after. 

Additionally, because of Verizon's bad connection, I lost many business opportunities as clients weren't able to reach me or couldn't hear me on the phone, and also disconnected several times. 

I am not planning to pay anything until I get this credit I was promised. Now they are threatening me that they will disconnect my service if I don't pay the bill when I shouldn't pay in the first place if I received this credit. 

Please resolve this issue IMMEDIATELY. 



Re: Where is my promised $1400 credit after more than a month?
Customer Service Rep



I am so sorry for the confusion. We want to make sure you get all the promotions you qualify for. Our promotions do take up to 8 weeks to apply and some are monthly credits or even rebates. The will offset the charges on the bill, but not necessarily covering all you monthly services. We will be more than happy to take a look at the details of your promotion.  We have sent you a private message to gather more details.