Where is my refund or new iPhone I ordered?

I ordered my new iPhone on February 25, 2022. Usually, I get the iPhone within 2 business days. When I check tracking, it says "label created" "on the way" then all of a sudden "damage reported" and I'm still with no phone. I called UPS: they are "investigating and for me to contact Verizon".. so I call Verizon: they are waiting for UPS to return the package so that they can issue me a refund/new phone. I call UPS again to tell them to send my package back to Verizon. UPS tell me they have filed a claim and for me to call Verizon again and tell them "because they have to sign some papers" What is going on? If I don't get my refund OR new phone, I will cancel my service, go to the MEDIA, and follow up with legal action. I read Verizon/UPS are having the same problem with trade-ins.

I changed the spelling to skam otherwise, they wouldn't let me post this message (they labeled it as a bad word).

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