Where is my trade in credit??!!
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It has been more than two billing periods and I have not received the $750 credit from my pixel trade in. I called last month and talked to the trade in department and was told absolutely, definitely, don’t you worry, your credit will be on your next bill. I asked for an email to have for a revised and was told “don’t worry, there’sa copy of this call so that’s all the proof you need”.

It’s not, and after hours of trying to reach a human today, I was told that no trade in credit was ever submitted.  This promo is the only reason I even considered Verizon again, and I really really don’t want to file an official complaint and go to another carrier, but I will if the credit us not showing up in this upcoming bill.  You’re in breach of contract. Fix it.

Re: Where is my trade in credit??!!
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We always want to ensure you get the right promotion, Yazgar! We have sent you a Private Note to best assist.

Re: Where is my trade in credit??!!
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Yazgar already had the promotion and now looking for the credit that is due for the trade-in.