While calling through extender, I can hear them, they cannot hear me

Our house is connected to the Verizon network Extender. It is connected through a wired  connection to Arris Surfboard modem/router to Spectrum. Some times, when any of the phones inside our extender sends or receives a call, we can hear the incoming caller, but they cannot hear us. If we make a call to another phone inside our extender, neither can hear the other.

When this happened earlier this evening, I powered the extender down for 60 seconds then powered it back up. Once it had rebooted, calls worked as usual.  At 19:30, the calls had the same issue again.

Could there be a setting in our modem/router causing this issue? This is a new unit and we didn't have this issue previous to its being installed. I have been looking through all of its settings and can't find anything causing this issue.

I had two Verizon techs "help" last week, but they didn't solve anything. They even had me do two factory resets of the extender and a 10 second power cycle. All of those ended up with VERY long waits with no connection to the GPS.

Please help, I will be forced to switch to T-Mobile if this persists 


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