Who Can I Contact to Take a Complaint Seriously?
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I called the Verizon Tech Support line and was transfered to a tier 2 Tech who was completely unprofessional.

During this call, he was unintelligable due to all the umms and mumbling. At this point, I was not convinced it was even a tech team memeber that I was speaking to. He did not seem to know anything about what I was saying. He hurridly replied something like "just a minute so I can ask", sets his phone down with an adible thud and comences to yell at a woman, presumably his girlfriend, for several minutes. During this time, I was forced to listen to an arguement, yelling and cussing which escalated into "This is my **bleep** house. You get out" at which point I was disgusted and hung up.

I have tried to talk to Customer Support about this incident but got the run around and was promised a superviser would call but have yet to receive that call.

This is a serious issue and I have no idea why Verizon thinks this kind of staff is acceptible in their eyes. Is this the caliber of employee that they want working directly with the public?

I understand that the COVID era has forced people to work from home, but this was something that was completely out of line and was horrific to have to be forced to listen to. I have no idea what happened after I hung up, but I am genuinely worried for the safety of this poor woman.

No one at Verizon seems to care about this incident and the vulgarity that taking place. This is what Verizon has become?

Re: Who Can I Contact to Take a Complaint Seriously?
Customer Service Rep

Oh, my! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've sent you a private Note please reply at your earliest convenience.