Who does one complain about service to?

Recently, I visited a Verizon Store in my community to help a neighbor get a phone. We were there on Sunday and she bought a phone. They were unable to port her number because the service was busy. We waited for over an hour while the employee was on hold. We were told that they would try again on Monday to get the job done. They said they would call us when the phone was ready. 

Monday came and went without a word from them. On Tuesday I made the trek into the office and asked for a status update. They still hadn't finished the job. I was assured that they would do it as soon as they could that day.

Wednesday I had heard no word from them. Once again I took time out of my busy day to go into their store. My time is worth a lot to me. I didn't get the feeling from them that they respected that fact. I found the employees to be slightly rude about the whole situation.

I waited for them to port the phone. It took less than an hour to accomplish this while I stood waiting. Once it was finished, I wondered why they couldn't have had it sooner. The lady who it was to go to was elderly and couldn't be without communications for any length of time. The experience taught me a lot about Verizon and its customer service training.

I've been a Verizon customer for a long time. I feel that I must reconsider my choice of carriers more carefully in the future after seeing this first hand.

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Was this a corporate store?  Sounds like it wasn't.  Always go to a corporate store. 

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What customer service? Store reps are sales bots, not customer service.

Customer Service Rep

ChucktheGreat, I have sent you a Private note to escalate and submit feedback about this terrible experience that you and your neighbor had at one of our locations.  Can you please respond to the Private Note and we can look into this further?