Why does Verizon mistreat their current customers?
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I have an unlocked Note 20 ultra... There is a promo for $1000 off. I am not under a contract. I spoke to customer retention today. If I change my number, they'll give me $1000 off, but not if I keep it. Why can a new customer keep their number but not me. I'm willing to sign the exact same 3 year contract.

I've been a customer for  20 (TWENTY) years, we have 4 lines on the account. I also get home internet for the last 14 years. My money and commitment should be as good as someone elses.

Re: Why does Verizon mistreat their current customers?
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They save a quarter by doing so. The MBAs like counting quarters. It's the same reason why Verizon has finally decided that U.S. customers are no longer entitled to culturally competent and language-compatible customer service. It provides more quarters for their MBAs to count. Stockholders love that! You're just a customer, like me. Businesses exist solely for stockholder advantage. Customer loyalty has little bearing. If Verizon sent you a genuine blunt memo to explain, it'd look like this.


Dear Verizon Customer,

Thank you for your 20-years of loyalty to our company. We appreciate that you have contributed to our stockholder's success. As for your desire to receive a very small token of appreciation for your loyalty, that ain't gonna happen. Our MBAs have decided that it is cheaper to tell you BYE, than to provide you a small discount. We have attached links to our competitors to help you make the best choice for your future mobile services. 


No One

VP, Verizon's Don't Care Customer Support Team


Re: Why does Verizon mistreat their current customers?
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That is a good question. The qualifications for the promotions can't be changed. If one of the qualifications is adding a new line to an account or activating a new account, we're not able to change that. Are you porting your number from another carrier?