Why doesn't Verizon offer phone upgrades for plans are NOT unlimited data?

I have spoken with two different Verizon reps looking to upgrade our old iphones (6s), but literally any kind of phone upgrade deal requires that we upgrade our 16GB data plan to an unlimited data plan, costing a lot more $$ per month. Why is Verizon alienating their customer base that most likely doesn't have the money to spend on unlimited plans? Reps are basically telling me too bad, so sad. One even ended our live chat session before we were done as if I was a lost commission or something.

I've been with Verizon for probably 18+ years. I don't believe I've ever (maybe once?) took advantage of any kind of phone upgrade deal through Verizon in all that time. I've had to buy used phones from 3rd parties because of how much Verizon charges for phones and I apparently don't pay them enough monthly to warrant a "deal".

Coming here to see if anyone else has been in my position and has any useful information. Otherwise I'm going to look into AT&T and other phone services.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Why doesn't Verizon offer phone upgrades for plans are NOT unlimited data?
Customer Service Rep

We don't want to see you leave after 18 years together and I want to ensure we're able to do everything that we can to turn this around. I certainly recognize that cost is an important consideration and we want to ensure that you are on a data plan that best suits you. To confirm, was there a particular phone or promotion you were interested in? Although we are not able to forego any plan requirements as it relates to a promotion, we would be happy to work with you to review alternative options.-Lorenzo