Why don't you understand how hard it is out here and cut us a break?
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  • So I've got the loyalty down 100%.

My mother got Verizon back in '85 and I got my first phone under her plan in 2006 and then split off into my own plan just a few years ago. 3-6+ lines, etc. Uncompromised loyalty and I have never even considered another provider... Until now. Finances are tight. I'm out of work and homeless living in a friend's garage. We no longer have a vehicle. Blatantly, I have lost everything over the last year. I struggle to feed myself and my family with the few dollars I'm able to make. My marriage is suffering due to constant arguing about money and my inability to provide. Hopelessness, aggravation, guilt, and embarrassment are my primary emotions. It has been exceptionally hard. The credit cards are maxed and have been sent to collections along with insurance, a loan, old utility bills from a home we were evicted from... I owe the city money for property damaged during a car accident in which my wife and I almost lost our lives in... Unfortunately, I've had to prioritize basic necessities and appears thst it's come down to my final days, if not hours, with Verizon Wireless. My bill has gotten so incredibly beyond anything I could ever imagine scraping together in my current predicament and it seems there is no solution that will satisfy those I've spoken with on the phone. I do not have the heart to pay $700, $500, $300, or even $50 to keep this phone service active another day while there is nothing for my family to eat and nowhere warm for my family to sleep. I have failed, I am sorry, and I must accept that this very well may be the end of my longest-standing relationship with any company, or even person, I have ever had. Every paycheck I have ever made has had money set aside to send to Verizon and pay the phone bill. I was proud to be the person who always had service when others did not. I would defend the higher price I payed because Verizon has always had my back and has always come through for me when I was in a hard place. I have also never failed to uphold my end of the deal. The unexpected $500 phone bill when my ex and I split up? Paid. The multiple times life got busy and I simply forgot for a few months only to be faced with $350+ bills? Paid. I cannot count the number of times I've had to justify sending $200-$400 payments while my friends stood by paying $20/month... It was not only the customer service, but the reliability and the quality that kept me around as well. It is a sad day but it can't be helped. I've wasted to much of your time having the same options ànd requests repeated to me when sometimes it just is as it is. I will no longer have access to my primary source of income, Postmates, and I will have to look into a cheaper service if I am to continue putting food on the table

I am asking that, in the future, there may be options provided for people like me. I really do not want to leave, but I am left with no other options it feels.

Thank you for your time

Re: Why don't you understand how hard it is out here and cut us a break?
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We are truly sorry to hear about the tough times you've fallen on recently. It's for sure been a trying year for everyone. We are sad to hear that you are going to have to leave the Verizon family. We appreciate your loyalty and do our best to help out as much as we can. If the account has fallen past due, then that would be handled by our Financial Services team. If you need the infomration on how to get in touch with them, please let us know.