Why is customer service so bad
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Verizon customer support is the worse!!! Even Total Wireless or Straightalk is much better. Seems like you have to wait forever to get somebody. They must have like 2 people working there. When I call StraightTalk they answer right away. Their cell service is also very unreliable!!! Can wait to get rid of them!!!

Re: Why is customer service so bad
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You're more than welcome to fill out a job application. Chances are, you wouldn't be able to handle back to back calls from ungrateful people in an 8 hr shift. People that complain like this should try doing it themselves before being judgemental.

PS: Most people can solve issues online in My Verizon or doing a Google search. For every caller who needs hand holding, you have another waiting longer with a genuine issue.

Have fun with Straight Talk with that attitude.

Re: Why is customer service so bad
Customer Service Rep

Rebmarcano, this is never the experience that we want you to have. We're terribly sorry about the hold time. The good news is that we're here to help. We would hate to lose your preference. Please tell us more. How can we help you?