Why is there a sudden loss of coverage in home?
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I have lived in the same house for 8 years and never have I experienced any service issues. Last week mine and my husbands phones completely dropped down to 1 bar, calls fail, the calls that actually pick up can’t hear us, or incoming go straight to vm. The lady we spoke with yesterday enabled our WiFi calling which helped but I work from home and have lots of Canadian clients so WiFi calling would charge international fees it says. I cannot have this! The Verizon lady basically said that all carriers are starting to move over to a WiFi calling basis so basically if you don’t have WiFi you’re messed up? So during storms when WiFi goes out I have zero service because my cell service I pay with Verizon is basically useless now without WiFi!!! This is ridiculous. 

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Re: Why is there a sudden loss of coverage in home?

I'm seeing a lot of the same question here, but no useful answers.  18 years of the same number, same service, same address.  I've gone through Verizon chat support three times now and they're stumped.  I CAN'T not have my phone, for many of the same reasons listed below, plus I'm sick with the superbug and cannot leave my house if I need medical help.  Verizon YOU NEED TO FIX THIS.  And I am not a person who uses all caps frivolously!