Will lose trade in credit if upgrade phone
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Hello I traded in a phone a little over the year ago for 400 dollars and have been getting a credit on my bill since and up until 24 months. I keep getting emails from Verizon stating I am due for the Iphone annual upgrade program. I checked into this today and yes its available but if I trade for a new one I will then lose the remaining balance of my trade in credit.

So Verizon this is for you. Why are trade in credits specific to a device and not a line of service. If I trade in a device that I own out right and you agree on a sum of money why is it tied to a device rather than the account.


Same goes for sales tax, they get you for the full amount at time of purchase but if you dont keep it the entire time and end up swapping it shouldn't you get any remaining tax refunded or applied to the next device. Seems like if you pay full sales tax up from instead of monthly on the payments then you should get a prorated amount of tax back when you trade up

Re: Will lose trade in credit if upgrade phone
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As a valued customer, your concerns are our concerns too. We thank you for providing your feedback, and we will share it with our Leadership Team (e.g., Why are trade-in credits specific to a device and not a line of service, and sales tax concerns). Verizon certainly wants you to enjoy our Device Upgrade Program, Device Payment Program, and the Annual iPhone Upgrade program. We strive to provide upfront, clear, and concise information about our products and services to our customers, which can be viewed on our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) websites. I've provided the following links for your review:


Upgrade Device FAQs:


Device Payment Program: 


Verizon Early Upgrade Programs for iPhones:


Taxes and Surcharge Estimator


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Re: Will lose trade in credit if upgrade phone

Yes, so Verizon claims they are up front about the trade in policy for phone.  If you have credit due from a previous trade in, it disappears when you upgrade early.  This is like a contract with money lost if you do not stick with the same phone for 3 YEARS.  Samsung has downgraded to 'burner phone' quality.  Too bad for the consumer. It's a contract.  Consumer has to bet the phone will last with regular use for 3 YEARS or lose there money - out of frustration. 

Had a z flip 3 which kept overheating and within 4 months the screen started to blacken at the fold (no drops)  Within 4 hours it was unusable.  Samsung and Verizon make it difficult to claim issues like this on warranty - by treating customers like MORONS - asking them to reboot or reset a nonfunctioning phone and not moving forward with your request unless you can. CATCH 22 logic. Sending replacements on weekdays only - otherwise wait 4 -5 days. 

After over 2 hours texting and speaking with customer service, we should get our soon to be defective replacement today!  Cant wait for the cycle to begin again!  If you are a physician - recommendation from us DONT by Samsung and ALWAYS have a back up phone with all your apps for signing prescriptions and charting available on another phone..... APPLE may be better choice.  Maybe reconsider who your carrier is too. 

Re: Will lose trade in credit if upgrade phone
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