Winegard Connect 2.0 WF2-435 4G/LTE WIFI

Hi, I have read a closed message from the same Winegard Connect system. I was able to get the unlimited plan with a new number associated with the sim card. However, upon activation, I was able to get the Winegard to connect to the VZN network on 4G. It worked flawlessly. Now about 2 to 3 hours into the fresh startup of the Winegard on the 4G network, I get a text from VZN that I have used up 13 GB's of the 15 GB data, and within 5 minutes again a text stating that the 15 GB data was used up and would reset on the next billing cycle.

I did call VZN, and was transferred over to technical support. They said they saw the number but not the device and that the device didn't show any usage. A ticket was then placed on the new account. The tech tried to "Boost" the data plan that would not result in a charge, but would reset within a day or two. The tech then said it could not be boosted as of yet, but would state what needed to be done.

I am awaiting to see what happens, as I am away at work at the moment. It was still throttling this AM as I left for work.

If I am not able to get this device to work on the unlimited plan, then this number as well as the Winegard will be stopped and returned promptly. The Winegard Connect 2.0 isn't advertised as a Mobile Hotspot on the boxing Materials.

Re: Winegard Connect 2.0 WF2-435 4G/LTE WIFI
Customer Service Rep

We certainly want to make sure you have a reliable device to use for internet on the go, RNash160! Where did you purchase the Winegard, as I do not see this is a device we currently carry? What devices were connected to the Winegard when it went through the data so rapidly?