Wireless Dead Zone
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I have a feeling our house is between two towers.  If I go a few miles east, I get 5uw or LTE (it flip flops) if I go a few miles South, same I have 5uw or LTE.  But there is nothing at my house, around us, or down the street.  Or it's spotty, or it just flips between LTE, 5G, 5uw or the ! of you have no service.  We've been surviving on wifi calling and an internet connection from our home internet (ATT).  Usually, I'd be like fine whatever, but we have a special needs child at home, and without any internet access, or calling abilities it's unsafe for him for us to be san's cellular access.  We tried to get copper phone lines as an emergency backup, but nobody laying copper anymore and what is in the ground is being ripped up for fiber.  We very much NEED cellular phone service.  Is there any way to extend the tower signal range so we get overlapped?  Or could we get an amplifier for the house?  Something.

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