Wireless services are shut off even with a payment arrangement


So, I had spoken to a supervisor in CFS, last week on Wed 3/9/22 who went over a payment arrangement with me for Fri, 03/18/222. He stated that as long as I keep to the arrangements, my services would be fine. The next day, 03/10/22,  my services were turned off. I called in and a rep restored all services and apologized for the inconvenience. The next day, 03/11/22, again, my services were turned off. I called in, another rep turned the services back on and said that he saw the arrangements were made and wasn’t sure why services were turned off. He transferred me to tech support where I was told to reset my phone, which I did. The tech support person also saw that a payment arrangement had been set.  (I don’t know what the reps and the supervisor noted in my record, but I was not told that “I needed to call in daily to secure my account.” (Why should I have to? A payment arrangement was noted)

Yesterday, 03/12/22, services were fine. This morning, 03/13/22, my services are off yet again. What is going on? CFS is closed being that it is Sunday. I can’t understand why my services are off again. This is so frustrating and I’m not sure what needs to be done at this point. Am I supposed to call in everyday just to make sure that my services are secured? Why can reps, tech support personnel and a supervisor see in your systems that my arrangements were set up to secure my services, but yet my services are turned off everyday since the arrangement was clearly set up for my account security? When I call in there is not even a mention of the fact that my services are shut off. My phone received a message pop up of “Verizon has shut off LTE calls.”

I may need to send a letter of correspondence to the Corporate Escalations Team at this point. Yes, my payment is late, but I have contacted the appropriate department in order to avoid a shut off, but here we are every day since last week Wednesday. This is not fair to a long standing customer who has made every effort to avoid the shut off of the services. 

I have been a customer since May of 2000 when the company was known as Bell Atlantic. 22 years of loyalty and this is what I am dealing with. I’ve never had any form of a problem until recently. 

What is the next step at this point? I will await a reply.


Re: Wireless services are shut off even with a payment arrangement
Customer Service Rep

We apologize for this experience, BMissJ. We value your loyalty here with us and our goal is for you to get the appropriate help. Your feedback is critical to us and we will use it to improve our processes moving forward. Systematically, we don’t have the tools to address payment arrangement issues through this platform. We recommend working with our Financial Services team closely to work with making the appropriate payment arrangements.