Worst Customer Service Experience.
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After my Pixel 4 sadly got damaged beyond repair I quickly need to purchase a new phone with in store pick up.  Went online, picked out a new pixel, and paid for it.  Get a text message my phone is ready for pick up at 12:00 PM that my phone was ready at my local store.  Wasn't able to get to that store until 4:25 PM, but since the hours listed are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM I figured that wouldn't be an issue since its just a pick up.  Boy was I wrong....got to the store, check in, no reponse.  I see people inside and tell them I'm here to pick up (around 4:35 at this point) and the people in store tell me to go back home and come tomorrow.  Uh the hours say 5:00 PM, and it looked to me these people were all getting ready to leave since they all had their verizon shirts off.   Is this the new version of Verizon Customer Service?  If so, I guess its time to switch carriers after many happy years.....

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience.
Customer Service Rep

Hello, gmelahn. We are very sorry to hear about this experience that you've had when visiting this store to pick up your order. We completely understand how frustrating that had to have been and we appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. We appreciate you as a customer as well and it would sadden us to see you go because of this. So that we are updated, were you able to pick up your order the next day? -Brett

Re: Worst Customer Service Experience.
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They have become a shell of themselves. Had them for over 15 years without any problems. Sturdy and steady and cutting edge. They’ve devolved to the used salesman (sorry used car salesmen!) caricature. Hustling phones is what they do. Phone sales is all they care about. Cheap, sleazy sale tactics in the middle of troubleshooting a line issue. It used to be about the service line. Now, it’s all about getting that iPhone 2024XpSe in your pocket and fast cash in theirs.