Worst Experience Ever

I called sales to have 7 phone lines brought to Verizon. The salesmen who took the order made so many mistakes its taken over 12 hours of phone calls and it's still not resolved. This has been my worst experience dealing with any company to date and I regret my choice to do business with this company. 

The order was put on 2 accounts instead of 1. Hence being over charged for each line

The free activation was not applied as I was told it would be, x7 that's a lot of money.

The free phone promotion was not applied either.

The trade in materials weren't sent despite being shown on the inventory list.

I was told by multiple customer service agents the phones could be traded in at a Verizon store, after an hour round trip drive, turns out that is not the case. 

Printed out shipping labels for trade in phones and sent them out on the 7th, they were received by Verizon on the 9th according to tracking numbers and as of the 16th are still not shown as received. 

After over 12 hrs of phone calls merging 2 accounts into one, issues getting access to the main account, driving 1hr round trip to a store that couldn't help @5.00 a gallon of gas, calls to balance out the bill that was insanely over charged and being told it was all finally handle.... I've now received a bill for the second account that never should have existed, showing that I not only owe money but have a past due balance after I was told the account was zeroed out.

This is only 2 weeks into service with Verizon!!! I am literally sick to my stomach over how this company has treated a customer bringing this much business their way. Poorly trained customer service and sales associates. While I am thankful for those who have tried to go above and beyond fixing these issues, there never should have been an issue to begin with. 

So now I have to waste more time, again, fixing their error. 

Nothing but regrets over choosing Verizon.