Worst customer service, absolutely unacceptable.
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I am absolutely beside myself. 8 hrs and 9 agents, 4 managers and 2 supervisors later I am not one centimeter closer so resolving my problem. I understand not having the knowledge to solve a problem, it’s the fact that once you are finally able to get someone on the line, they will say anything to hurry up and get you off the line as well as being dishonest. That was relating to 7 of the 9 I spoke with. The other 2 I could not understand. I paid a past due balance and owe nothing however, no one can seem to reactive my lines. All calls end with “ we fixed your problem sir, please allow 15min to an hour, restart your device and you should be all set.”. I explained my situation to them and the repetitiveness of previous agents to no avail. I’m not sure if it is a result of verizons inability to attain and retain good talent or the work load expected of these agents is too enormous to proceed while doing a decent job, or just lack of training, in any event, 8 hours on the phone dealing with customer service you have to genuinely strain to understand the agents all while being told the same thing “that you are all set, wait 15 min-1hr then restart your device, and thank you for being the best part of Verizon”, and moving on to the next while I still have no service on any of my lines, my child at college having no phone, is just too much. Almost makes me want to go back to my old carrier. Just unacceptable, out of site out of mind I suspect. Exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday night and Saturday day….. being passed back and forth by agents of various departments. Extremely frustrating

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