Worst customer service ever.
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I’ve been with Verizon for almost 20 years and always experienced great customer service until this year. The last few months of dealing with you has been UNBEARABLE. 

first it started out with a trade in. I asked for a second box to send the phones back because it was 2 phones and you specifically told me they needed separate boxes. You only sent 1 box. It would have been fine if I could print the label, but we don’t have a printer and no library to print it. You told me you would mail the box. 3 phone calls and 1 month later and you still did not mail the box. I finally found someone willing to print the stupid label for me. 

i called back to make sure that we weren’t going to be charged for the phone showing up late due to YOUR error. And i was told we are all good. Then your agent, im sure due to pressure from the higher ups, offered me the “get more deal.” Now to be clear, he offered me this deal 1 day after I received my bill. He tells me that it will only cost me “$3 more a month” which im like heck yeah I love deals for a better plan. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. After all that he fails to mention that I’ll be charged roughly $150 for “changing my plan mid cycle” IT WAS 1 DAY AFTER I GOT MY BILL. Not only that but why tell me this after you made the changes. Newsflash, Verizon, customers don’t know ALL YOUR COMPANY POLICIES. Had he told me about the billing cycle I would have just signed up the following month.
Talk about false advertising.
So I speak with a manager who apologized and agreed that the agent messed up. And he “fixed it” (after asking me to do the calculations?) anyways. Anyways, so after this my next bill was once again much higher than normal, this time it was $100 more.  Once again I call and once again I’m on the phone for FOREVER dealing with this. This time the agent was super rude and told me in about 50 different ways, that they were “prorated charges for changing my bill mid cycle.” And they could “do me a favor and knock half off” which is not okay considering this is your fault. Had I known I’d be charged $100 more each month for my super awesome deal I WOULDN’T HAVE SIGNED UP. so essentially this person was gaslighting me into more money by charging me more and pretending like they are helping. Definitely not okay. After 1 hour on the phone, one dropped phone call, one manager who said they would call me back in an hour and never did, one Twitter DM and an endless amount of your obnoxious chat bots who are worthless and only anger customers  before dealing with your customer service front lines who probably receive so much emotional abuse on a daily basis, I was told it was once again fixed. 

now, one month later and guess what, MY BILL IS STILL HIGHER. This time it’s $87.25 higher. I call again and some agent told me that I did receive a $42.50 credit from the last time I called, which was somewhere else on my bill that I missed, so for that I apologize. I did not notice that. but that does not mean that I’m going to pay the rest of this. You can’t change peoples plans by lying to them and charging them more than what your supposed to. The woman I spoke with got mad at ME for asking for my money back, which you took after telling me repeatedly it was fixed. Each time I called you told me EXACTLY what my bill would be the next month and each time you were wrong. It’s not okay. It’s ESPECIALLY not ok for your agents to berate customers and tell us that “we’ve already given you a lot off your bill” when YOU’RE the ones charging more than you said you would and I only want my money back that you took from me. Now I’m apparently waiting “5-7 business days” to hear back from you because your agent refused to let me speak to a supervisor so I could get this fixed once and for all. I feel SO BAD for people who fall for your stupid tricks. You are robbing customers of money. And if I hear back saying that you won’t refund me, I’m 100% done with Verizon. You lied. You said it was fixed. This is on YOU.  

Re: Worst customer service ever.
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Angrycustomer8, we are sorry to hear about your overall experience. Making sure you receive accurate information at all times is important. Can you please let us know if you need assistance with your device trade-in and plan cost? Please keep in mind that you will be able to change your plan to best fit your cost needs. Please review our plan options here  https://www.verizonwireless.com/plans/unlimited/