Worst customer support ever
Enthusiast - Level 3

These guys should train comcast on how to string people along.

I've never, not once ever, had an easy experience doing anything with verizon.

Change plan? Errors on the website, chat support useless, hours on hold.

Need a range extender? Hours on hold, they mail it to the wrong address, don't solve the problem, don't care. Meanwhile service at home is still marginal in the MIDDLE OF A MAJOR CITY.

Buying new phone? TAKE MY MONEY!!! Oh wait, they can't because the website doesn't work, account is messed up, etc. etc. Hours on hold.

For four new phones. Four different times. Each time a debacle. You would think that I would learn. Nope. Call, wait on hold for hours, get the run-around.

Maybe you want some international travel? Ah but we can't do that through the website or with chat support, get the runaround on the phone instead.

Or maybe you just want to activate the disney+ subscription included with your data plan. Website is horked, chat support sends links to the same broken website, and I've been on hold for three hours so far.

I can not remember, literally can not remember a SINGLE TIME when I EVER had an easy experience trying to use verizon services.

It's honestly embarrassing. I think that every single support operator at verizon should be ashamed with themselves.