Worst order experience ever
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Good morning,
I need my issue escalated asap. I have been a customer for over a decade and this is the worst experience I have ever had.
I placed an order on November 26. I understand it was during a sales event so things were busy, but it took over 5 hours to get that order placed. First I tried online and asked for help via the chat function and I was repeatedly disconnected and had to start over each time. Finally I reached someone on the phone, had to start over again, but the agent was able to place my order but only after several attempts to transfer me to the site that processes the contract acceptance and payment. She verified that everything was complete and I received the email below.
I had not received my order so I called this morning. I was informed that the order was cancelled (not by me) due to a payment issue. That was not my issue, at the time she confirmed she received everything, so clearly there was a processing issue. I was informed thatthey would need to replace the order and escalate the order in order to ensure the promotions at the time of order were applied properly. The gentleman put me on hold again, this time for 1.25 hours and then a new gentleman came on and said he had no idea about the previous conversations and would have to start over.
I can not sit on hold for now over 6.25 hours to complete 1 order. Totally unacceptable.
How do I escalate
Re: Worst order experience ever
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slanger, we appreciate your many years with us and I can certainly understand your concerns about the time you've spent on this order. Let's turn this around. To confirm, were you provided additional details as to why the payment was cancelled? Do you have an order number and order location available? Looking forward to hearing back.