Xfinity mobile vs Verizon

I have a question about why I should stay with Verizon over Xfinity.  These questions in these groups are from 4 years ago.  Has no one asked a question in the last 4 years?  I see responses about free Apple Music, but that was for a limited time only, not as long as you are a Verizon customer.  Am I wrong?  Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ have never been free for me.  I activated the deal and have never received a credit from Verizon or Hulu over the last 10 months, and it is only a $7.99 value.  I see responses claiming their is a discount for a family plan but I still pay $45 a month for each of the 4 phones on my plan.  That seems like full price to me.  If that is the discount then it does not compare to the $30 per line with Xfinity.  I really don't see value in the "Perks" that people have claimed.  I get that Xfinity customers get lower priority.  Is the service that bad to where folks are constantly stepped down to lower speeds?  I hate switching companies but I need some solid data here.