Zero communication from Trade-in/Recycle Department/Program

The the night, 9/11/14, the iPhone 6 was available for pre-order, I went to the website to do my pre-order. I had multiple issues so I end up using the live chat to ask for assistance with my order. I wanted to purchase 1x iPhone 6 by a 2-years contract upgrade and 1x iPhone 6 Plus by Edge but transferring the eligibility from another line on my account. I had no issue with the the 2 years contract upgrade order but when I tried to do a upgrade eligibility transfer then upgrade and place the line on Edge, it kept erroring out on me so I contacted the live chat for assistance. The rep walked me through it screen by screen and after a while, it let me place my order. I confirmed with the Live Chat rep that both my orders will be eligible for the $200 trade-in old iPhone for new iPhone 6 promotion.

The first order, the regular iPhone 6 using a regular 2-years contract upgrade, was fine, everything was smooth, including the trade-in. The phone was received on release date, 9/19/14.

I received the envelopes for the trade in on 9/12/14. I had both trade in, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, removed from Find My iPhone and wiped. Both phones were in good working condition, no cracked screens or water damage when I mailed it on 9/16/14. I received the trade in for the iPhone 6 on 10/3/14 with no problem.

My 2nd order, the iPhone 6 Plus, was a different story. I got an email on 9/24/14 stating that my order was cancel. No reason given, just cancelled. I called Verizon Customer Service and got it straighten out after spending a whole hour on the phone with the rep. He explained to me that the system kicked the order out since I transferred the upgrade eligibility from another line and place the phone line on Edge. He was able to help me by providing me with an early Edge upgrade on the line I wanted to upgrade and place my order back in queue. At the time of this phone call, I asked the rep if I'm still eligible for the $200 trade-in old iPhone promotion even through I'm getting EDGE on the 2nd phone and he confirmed I qualify for it. I received my new phone on 9/29/14.

On 10/5/14, I received an email from Verizon Recycling Program stating that they still haven't received my device. I didn't think much of it since I figure the 2 phones got separated when it was mailed. On 10/11/14, I got an email staying my gift card was enclosed. I didn't really looked at the amount since at the time I trusted Verizon and figure if there was an issue, they would have mention it somewhere.

On 10/15/14, I called the Verizon Recycling customer service to find out what's going on, I couldn't get through the lines and only got the automated message. So I went to the website and submitted a customer service request. I got no response, not even the usual automatic reply that states they have gotten my request.

On 10/20/14, I tried calling them again, twice. Again, I got only an automated message both times. Since I was unable to reach a live person to help me, I contacted the regular Verizon Customer Service number. They were able to provide me with 2 other numbers to call. None of them work. I end up sending another email, this time through my own personal email instead of their website form with my order confirmation attached. I didn't get any response or confirmation that my emailed was received.

The next day, 10/21/14, I called and I had my boyfriend called earlier in the day. He wasn't able to get a hold of the Recycling Program customer service so he contacted regular Verizon Customer Service. They checked and said the amount was less due to Find My iPhone was turned on. To dispute it, we have to call the Recycling Program people. I kept calling through and finally after about calling their number 11 times, I got a live person. I explain the situation to her how the gift card I got seem to be wrong and she checked her system. She said it was because the phone wasn't working. I dispute that claim, explaining I had the phone wipe right before mailing it out. If that was their assessment, then I want the phone back because I know for a fact it is wrong. She said she can't help me with that and will have to forward my request to the Trade-in/Recycling department. I explain to her I had already sent 2 messages with zero response. She said she cannot help me further and the Recycling department will response to me in 7-10 business day.

As of today, 11/17/14, I have not gotten any response. By email or by phone call. I have not gotten any help. It's as if they think by not replying I would accept their trade-in decision. I understand that Verizon outsource their Trade-in/Recycling program to another company but it doesn't mean they don't provide customer service. What do I have to do to get some help?

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