asurion warning

Please avoid the insurance with Asurion. The are suppposed to fix cracked screen for $29. They texted me during the first scheduled appointment that they could not make it. The second appointment (2 weeks later was only available) technician never showed, texted, called nothing. The 3rd appointment (another 2 weeks later) after the 2 hour window passed I spoke to an Asurion rep who said the tech called in sick. I guess I was supposed to wait all day again. Cancelling the insurance today. WATCH OUT! 

Re: asurion warning
Customer Service Rep

We're truly disappointed to learn this has been your experience with Asurion insurance, joseph440. We can provide feedback to Asurion regarding this, to ensure they look into the replacement and screen repair options they are providing. We would also recommend reaching out to Asurion directly at 888-881-2622 to provide your feedback to them as well. Please let us know if you would like to look into other replacement options for your device.