bad costomer service
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i am writting this blog because the service i got at the verizon store located in the bjs in leominster was so bad i am switching to at&t. and the online help was just as poor read this and you tell me


All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'Brenda'

Brenda: Hello.  Thank you for visiting our chat service.  How may I help you today?

me: i got the mail that says upgrade and save 100$ on any phone .i want only a phone no internet or texting

Brenda: What I can do is connect you to the Sales Chat for help with your order, Is that ok?

me: ok

Brenda: One moment please.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with Kendria

Kendria: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

Kendria: Are you an existing Verizon Wireless customer?

me: yes

Kendria: How may I assist?

me: i need 3 new phones that work with my plan i received a flyer in the mail saying i get 100 off all 3 phones

Kendria: What plan do you have?

me: mass state employee discount

me: 1400 min no text no internet

me: friends and family

Kendria: Ok. What device are you looking to get?

me: a compatible one i not sure if this flyer is in addition to my 100 already offered as well as each phone

Kendria: Ok What are you looking for in a device?

me: a phone that pics

me: extras ok long as it does not change my billing

Kendria: What other features are you looking for in a device?

me: nothing in particular

Kendria: Looking for a phone with streamlined good looks and user-friendly features? The LG VX5500 combines essential functionality and mobile fun. Snap pics of life's greatest moments and share them instantly. Use voice-activated dialing to call, then talk hands-free with the one-touch speakerphone or go completely wireless using the Bluetooth capability. All this wrapped into a stylish compact design with a large, easy to-use keypad. Take advantage of the VX5500 where mobility has never been so convenient.

Kendria: Will this work?

me blue tooth camera low cost

Kendria: ok.

me: my q is the price i see does that include my 100 that i was promised before this promotion

Kendria: I am not sure of what you are asking.

me: when i got my phone the first time i was told i would get 100$ off my next up grade

Kendria: I understand.

Kendria: Are you looking to upgrade at this time?

me3: well if i am not here to up grade with you today maybe i should be talking to at&t

me: they are willing to give me everything

me: free

Kendria: I am not sure of what saying.

Kendria: Are you able to log into your personal account?

me: get me your supervisor

Kendria: I made you a recommendation on a device.

Kendria: What device would you like to get today?

me: yes and i asked for your supervisor now please

Kendria: I am not sure of why you are asking for a supervisor.



Kendria: Yes I do.

Kendria: I am also assisting you.

Kendria: I am not sure why you need a supervisor.



Kendria: I have and made a recommendation and there was no response.



supervisor here in the chat department.

Jocelyn: Could you give me a moment to review the chat please?



Jocelyn: Thanks for your patience.

Jocelyn: How can I assist you today?

me was it not clear enough what you need to do to assist me

Jocelyn: From what I am reading you received an ad informing you of $100 off of select devices that you want to take advantage of. Is that correct?

me: i was trying to buy 3 new phones but now i just took a copy of this chat and will be calling the corporate office direct to show you incompetence in handling my account and they will know why they are loosing so many valued customers and laying off people

Jocelyn: What was the issue that was preventing you from doing so?

me: calling the cooperate office or buying a new phone

Jocelyn: getting the deals we offered you. Are you signed into your online account?

me: her lack of understanding

me: yes

Jocelyn: May I have your mobile number please to review your eligibility?

me: though i dont have an at&t account yet though tey went out of thair way to help me with several offers not just one

me: 9xxxxxxxx

Jocelyn: Thank You. I will be with you in one moment.

Jocelyn: May I ask you to verify your full name and the last four digits of your ssn?

me: xxxx

Jocelyn: And could you also verify the full name on the account for security purposes please:

me with the address: you do not see it?????????

Jocelyn: I do see the name on the account, I just need you to verify the name during this chat session for security purposes.

: it is on my screen is it not onyour

Jocelyn: I see the screen name that was posted. In order to provide account specific information, I would have to properly verify the account.

me: my info: xxxx Jocelyn: And could you also verify the full name on the account for security purposes please: again herexxxxxxxx: you do not see it????????? Jocelyn: I do see the name on the account, I just need you to verify the name during this chat session for security purposes. My info again 3: it is on my screen is it not onyour Jocelyn: I see the screen name that was posted. In order to provide account specific information, I would have to properly verify the account.

me: you know what i dont have time for this i willjust call the corperate office on mondy

Jocelyn: If you are signed into your online account, could you go to the overview tab for me please.

Jocelyn: you can contact customer service at 18009220204 but I am very willing to help you.

me: dont give me that crap you should be helping me no matter what and you faied to do so i will make sure you both get the propper traing after i call them if they choose to keep you after seeing this maybe even on my television show that my friends host

me: good bye and good luck

Jocelyn: Well I do apologize for the misunderstanding. Have a nice day.

me: not enough

Jocelyn: I would love to give you the assistance you want and need but I have to properly verify every account before doing so.

Jocelyn: Are you there?

Me ; you think so i did not need an account with any other sales company to get a better deal even with out having an account with them they seem to wany my bussiness

me: i am tired of fighting with this good bye

Jocelyn: We want and appreciate your business but I understand your frustration.


you tell me was this the best service verizon can offer

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I don't see any bad customer service from Verizon...I see you not answering the questions they are asking to figure out what you want.

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Having dealt with Verizon for several years, I will tell you what was going on.  That CSR did not want to answer the question and she certainly did not want to give the customer to her supervisor!  That may or may not have even been a supervisor.  I was in customer for several years and saw a lot of the CSRs put a buddy on the line to be the "supervisor'. 

All the woman wanted was to have the flyer offer explained as it applied to her plan and what cells were available with that plan.


I realize that the economy is bad and that there is concern over job security, but playing these games with customers and not knowing the products is not how you keep your job!  I was sold a Juke and the V-cast package-the Juke does not have the capability to use that service!!!  Why would the CSR not know that?


People are getting more and more choices and as much as I like (and where I live, need) the coverage and pretty much the cell phone selection at Verizon, I would dump them in a heart beat if I found a carrier that gave me good customer service and who had coverage out where I live.... Even the local private venders say they refuse to carry Verizon products because of the bad cusomer service and unreasonable terms to be a independent vender. 



Can You Hear Us Now?!!!!  :smileysurprised:


I don't understand what you need it. It looks like you just did not want to answer the questions and confused them.

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Dude, if I worked in customer service, I would give you hard time on purpose, just because you were being a  (hmmmm cant think of a word that would not be censored), anyways, you get the point. Just swith to another carrier and move on.

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Seems to me you came across[edit] wanting to go to at&t.


{please keep your posts courteous}

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trolling ftw!

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I can relate.  I called and also spoke to online assistance and everyone told me something different.  I was told that a different phone than what I really wanted was better because the camera is better, but that they both have the same capibilities.  I was bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball, each new person "apologizing" for the misinformation I received from the others.  I requested the coperate office number and was told that they do not have a phone number...

Then they said that the only way they can communicate with the corporate office is through e-mail and only their big boss has that. What a bunch of junk!!!  I had the number before they combined with Alltell, now they say each department has it's very own personal corporate office that they cannot get in touch with.

I checked out the unlimited V-Cast/Rhapsody online and it had in writing that the $14.99 plan was unlimited song downloads.  The CSR told me the same, then I was told by 3/6 CSRs and techs that there was a "small" charge to buy it, the unlimited was to listen to the music.  Today I am told that to download it from my cell is a $1.00 extra than buying from online!!!! I told them I can't get to that site online at work, only on the cell phone. 

I asked why when I clicked on the question mark over the unlimited plan option for the V-cast/Rapsdy the ballon stated that this plan allowed unlimited downloading of songs free!!  She said that was not true.

I agree that they need to get their customer service trainned.  They seem to just say whatever comes to mind.  Now I have a cell that they lied to me about and it had to be replaced because it only partially downloaded the software from the site for me to get the v-cast and rhapsody!!  I told them I wanted the cell I originally tried to order because it is compatible with apps and games my Chocolate touch isn't, they said nope-too bad!! 

This is clearly a case of CSRs who are not well informed about their products and then rather than admit they are ignorant, they tell you what you want to hear about the product they want you to have!!

Anyone know the number to reach the corporate office?  The CSRs, managers, and techs all refuse to release it. 

Does the Corporate office even realize that their reps are giving lousy customer service???




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The only grievous error I see on Verizon's part is recommending a VX5500 for someone who wants a camera. That phone has a VGA camera!


I have heard AT&T's service is worse. Of course it's great when they're trying to lure you as a customer, but just so you know what you're getting into. However, I do think AT&T has better phones for someone who wants a regular phone with a decent camera ... Sony Ericssons!

I dont see any bad Customer Service here, just someone who was trying to start an argument with the representative. I agree that it sounds like you want to go to AT&T and just were looking for a poor excuse to do so.
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Everytime I call verizon its like this.  Constant verification questions ten people to talk to.  No one knows what to do.  
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