bad customer service

For any leadership looking.

Support request #:

Not much detail here. I've tried to contact support more than 5 times to disable a simple task as voicemail and each time the rep attempts to I can receive voicemail.

The last time I had a chance to get with a support rep, the guy's attitude was sarcastic and callous -- while being a customer is frustrating enough, talk back from your support staff has been extremely inexcusable. Being able to replicate this in front of the rep was not enough for him to be concerned. He then blames my device and then resolves the ticket. While I can careless now because after that conversation, verizon does not deserve business after this. Planning to port my numbers out asap and get rid of you guys for good.

Whoever is at the top of leadership needs to think about this type of practice-- I don't really care for your service.

1 - cannot get the account to provide me a voicemail pin generated by system or input by user.

2 - support reps except the last interaction were respectful, but unable to do their job.  last guy just was garbage.

3 - bye verizon. fix customer service. you've lost my business.