being terminated of service?:
Specialist - Level 2

I have been hung up 2 times already today and just hung up on for third time by jade a account specialist who made a threat to have e terminated and have me " banned" or " stopped " from contacting them ( Verizon) for help.

and who had the nerve I might add and stated " your paying $50 a month what do you expect" her words not mine

so apparently I don't pay enough for Verizon to care?

and since se failed to do anything but blame me and claim " im wasting there time"

I get my service terminated?

so if I don't pay them more I don't get help? according to jade that seems true

and since I expect help with a service issue ( don't I pay for service/?) i'm wasting there time?

this is how you treat customers?

I might add I been reporting this issue ( poor signal) for months

includes chat where I had hours of my time wasted with several last night alone who just repeated the same script for 2 hours plus each

not to count all the tickets that got ignored ( mentioned in first call today)

and hang ups over past months ( incudes supervisors)

so instead of helping or fixing the problem/issue Verizon is now going to silence me by terminating my service because jade decides i'm not paying enough to get help? or I expect help with an issue?


unacceptable behavior
Specialist - Level 2

as I type a atrocity is happening

for over 2 hours a supervisor has now been silent on my phone

I was lied to several times yesterday in regards to a ticket made last week

call today first person got me to a supervisor who put the entire blame on me as she took no responsibility at all

its my fault that the failed to fix the issue ( still not fixed)

my fault several people lied to me yesterday

answer depends on who you ask about a ticket

this supervisor hung up on me after her rant


second call I had to explain myself several times ( she laughed by the way) got this current silent supervsior

not the first time this has happened either

there chat is no better where they are just bots repeating the script ( includes a supervisor and a manager)

so i'm to blame for tem lying to me

'm to blame for there failure to deal with ticket

i'm to blame for all these hang ups and this current over 2 hours of silence?

seems to be no accountability or standards

they fail to do what they say the will i.e. ticket made told 24 to 48 hours for fix

2 days past that not fixed you inquire and get lied to?

something is not right here