billed by asurion for insurance I never purchased

I have been a customer of Verizon for 25 years and recently purchased two new IPhones 14. After several months  I noticed on my VERIZON bill two $16. charges by Asurion. I called Verizon customer service and was told that I needed to visit the Verizon store to have the charges removed and credited. as I did not sign up for the insurance. The representative at my local VERIZON store could not locate the charges on my account and said the store did not add this insurance when the phone at the time of purchase. In fact, he showed me a copy of the invoice with no charge or request for Asurion insurance. I visited the Asurion website to cancel the insurance, but they have no records on either of the cell numbers or my account.  In other words, I am still being charged for an account that they do not have a record for.  Why am I being charged.  I live in New Jersey. Has anyone contacted the Attorney General's office. This is clearly fraud.